"For those of us with Gluten, Soy, and Dairy intolerance's the Kneaded Specialties menu is truly a treat.  So far I have had the Deluxe Dinner Rolls and White Sandwich Bread.  I have now ordered more including the Hamburger Buns.  I am jumping for joy and telling all my friends about your products. Truly a blessing for those of us who are looking for something really good to eat.  Heaven on earth!"
-Cheryl H., Russellville, AR

"We have tried several items from the Kneaded Specialties menu--our taste buds have been having a wonderful time dancing around the delightful texture, aromas, and tastes of these products.  Meal times are something that we can now enjoy, and do so without the worry of food reactions."
-Michael and Kath, Lee's Summit, MO

"Kneaded Specialties is SUCH a Lifesaver.
I have a nut allergy, but I love brownies, cookies, coffee cake; the list goes on & on. So, "May Contain Peanuts or Tree Nuts" is a phrase I HATE.  Most of the time bakeries will recommend you not eat their products b/c they have Nuts on the premise, and do not want to be held liable if a customer has a reaction.  It is such a relief to find a bakery that is really focused on the consumer, and their special needs.  It's a HUGE bonus everything at Kneaded Specialties tastes simply amazing!"
Cathryn Farley, KCMO

All our products are also "Soy & Dairy/Casein Free".

We Promise you never have to worry about "Cross Contamination" with Gluten or Nuts.
Our entire facility is dedicated "Gluten & Nut Free".

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